Band Details for Urinal Mints

Name: Urinal Mints
Genre: punk
Date Formed: 0000-00-00
Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/urinalmints
Email: urinalmints@sbcglobal.net
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Band Bio

URINAL MINTS ROCK! Spawning from the bowels of South Bend, Indiana, the URINAL MINTS have taken the Midwest music scene by storm with their own unique style of unusual punk, satirical comedy & sheer porn rock madness. When they unleash their insane stage show, intensified with hilariously disturbing costumes, stage props and catchy songs with notorious lyrics, its like watching midget farm fetish porn stars gone wild. You just cant look away! The URINAL MINTS have been on five national tours with two of those tours as the opening act for the Dave Brockie Experience (featuring three members of GWAR). With almost 200 shows under their belts, including gigs with The Murder Junkies, Blues Traveler, The Mentors, Groovie Ghoulies, Beatnik Termites, Strutter (KISS tribute) and many more, the URINAL MINTS have developed into one of the few bands that still know how to put on a real live show  fun, entertaining, and injected with full-on man-candy rock action. Members: GARTH PLINKO (vocals, bass) LUKE E. BEAR (guitar, backing vocals) WILLIAM SAINT WILLIAM (drums) DISCOGRAPHY Fourteenll Get Ya Twenty (full length CD) Plinko Minty Fresh & Up In The Flesh (full length live CD) Plinko Gerbiling With Pikachu (7" record) Plinko Vulgar Display of Ass (full length CD) Plinko Shit Like a Champion II "Revenge of Old Bob" (compilation CD) Plinko I Never Get Anything Good (Christmas compilation CD) Bindi Corp. The Harder, The Better: Vol. 1 (compilation CD) Turkey Vulture Records Geek Monger 2 (compilation CD) MurkTa Records Lifeguard on Duty: The PPM Comp Volume 1 Pool Party Records

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