Band Details for Bloody Muffs, The

Name: Bloody Muffs, The
Genre: Punk / Rock
Date Formed: 0000-00-00
Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/thebloodymuffs
Email: jonesyinbox@gmail.com
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Band Bio

The Bloody Muffs Brooklyn NY Thebloodymuffs@hotmail.com Buy Heavy Flow mp3's! The Bloody Muffs are coming. Heavy Flow has just been released! Love Me Like A Drug is gaining airplay momentum, big shows are on the horizon. Does the band stop to admire the view? Nope. Sloppy Seconds will be recorded in March and released by June! Here cum The Bloody Muffs! THE BLOODY MUFFS WILL KICK YER ASS UNTIL YOU LIKE IT! AND WHAT HAVE PEOPLE SAID? I think I just witnessed the birth of something great. I am a muff man for life!--CULL THE HERD 7/4/2008 Bloody Muffs- They didn't have their shit together this day but they had a chick dance in front of them and flash her boobs, in other words, they were the best band of the night.--- Cull The Herd 10.12.2008 I am putting you on late just because of the graphic nature of your material--- Vlad founder and ruler of Vladapalooza lol Next up, it was karaoke night with the Bloody Muffs! Yes. The band that is behind the biggest buzz in underground New York punk sang over tracks they had made earlier on and you know what? As only they can do, not only did they pull it off but they were damn good at it too! And yeah MC Too Tall got up and did their collabo song with Jonesy and Jessica over the tracks and people were slammin' to it! Whoa! Crowned Eagle Entertainment 7-1-09

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