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2015 Awards Nominees and Winners


2015 PRN Award Nominees & Winners
Winners were announced at the Awards Show, Saturday, October 3, 2015 at the Melody Inn – winners in BOLD YELLOW

People’s Choice Award:
Voting took place at the September 12, 2015 show. Nominees:
Apostle of Solitude, A.S.D., Awaken O’ Sleeper, Bearbones, Beautiful Ones, Bizarre Noir, Black Cat Mambo, Black Cat Rebellion, Bo Jackson Five, The Brothers Gross, Burn the Army, Burning Mules, Chives, Circle City Deacons, Cocaine Wolves, Coolidge, Cowboys, CryptoKats, Danny Thompson Deluxe, Dead Pinups, The Dockers, The Down-Fi, The Enders, Faith No More Tribute, Fastidio, Fiber, Five Year Mission, Forsaken Sights, Gay Black Republican, Giraffes Eating Lions, The Gitmos, God Am, Good Buy, Bad Guy, Guilford Blackouts, GnFnR, Hardees, Harley Poe, Hell’s Orphans, The Hepburns, Indien, InCalico, Involuntary’s, The Jam Tribute, Kvlthammer, The Last IV, The Lickers, Lockstep, Machineguns & Motorcycles, The Madeira, Mama Moonshine, Messengers, Mound Builders, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Necrodemon, 9th Circle Symphony, Party Monsters on a Train, Photian Schism, The Prowl, The Pummels, The Putz, Ramettes, Rancid Tribute, Razor Ramones, Saababanks, Sacred Leather, Samhain Tribute, The Shake-Ups, The Slappies, Stackhouse, Stealing Volume, Thee Tsunamis, Vodka DeMilo, We Are Gentlemen, We Are Hex, Webcam Teenz, Werewolf with a Shotgun, Witchdoctor, The Yavin 4, Zero Boys
Best Local Punk Act:
The Putz, The Gitmos, Involuntarys, The Slappies, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, The Lickers, Photian Schism, The Enders
Best Non-local Punk Act:
Total Chaos, The Timmys, New Regrets, OC45, Honah Lee, The Hexers, Kill Matilda, Dirty Rotten Revenge, Transmissions
Best Local Rock Act:
Black Cat Rebellion, The Down-Fi, Apostle of Solitude, The Hardees, Circle City Deacons, Coolidge, ASD, Thee Tsunamis, The Prowl
Best Non-local Rock Act:
Biters, White Shag, Vice Tricks, Black Actress, Mound Builders, Sweet Cobra, Against the Grain, Bo Jackson 5, Saababanks
Best Local Release A TIE:
The Hardees "Live", ASD "Diehard", Gay Black Republican "The One Takes", Werwolf with a Shotgun, God Am, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes "Wet Willy", InCalico "Ghosts to Show You", The Dockers "Fury of the Mindless Ones", Zero Boys "Hollywood", We Are Gentlemen, The Yavin 4 "Intergalactic Rock N Roll", Apostle of Solitude "Of Woe and Wounds", Five Year Mission "Spock’s Brain", The Madeira "Ancient Winds"
Non-local Release:
Doghouse Swine "Fearless", Biters "Electric Blood", Ford Theater Reunion "Legends & Landmarks", Spacewaster "Badabingus!", Kill Matilda "Punk Zombie Rock n Roll", The Revomatics "We come in Peace", The Mound Builders "Wabash War Machine", Danny Greene "Brick by Brick", The Loveless "Born Weird", OC45 "Burn It", The Slams "Foreign Soil",
Sleeper Band:
Fastidio, Chives, Bizarre Noir, Obnox, Golden Torso, Mama Moonshine, Hell’s Orphans
Best Performance:
Tiger Sex, Zero Boys, Danny Greene, Fastidio, Stackhouse, Koffin Kats, Ford Theater Reunion, Harley Poe, Messengers, We Are Hex, Death Valley Girls, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Mystery Men?

The Botoms Up Burlesque Sexiest Act Award

Vibrolas, Ford Theater Reunion, Sheckies, Tromatic Review, Stripalot Burlesque,  Dead on TV, Kids on Fire, Gooch Palms
9th Circle Symphony, Reagan Youth, Bizarre Noir, Aricobra, Gooch Palms
Best New Band:
The Last IV, Kvlthammer, Sacred Leather, Chives, Bummer’s Eve, Stackhouse, We Are Gentlemen, Party Monsters on a Train, Cowboys, Yavin 4, Witchdoctor, Kids on Fire
Best Tribute Act:

Rip-off Night:
The Jam, Samhain, Faith No More, GnFnR, Timebomb
Beautiful Ones, Hepburns
Joey Ramone Birthday:
The Enders, OC45, The Putz, Razor Ramones
Clash Bash:
Ford Theater Reunion, The Slappies, Lockstep, Burning Mules

Joey Ramone Lifetime Achievement Award Tufty Clough
Hardest Touring: Misfits, The Loveless, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Real McKenzies, The Achtungs, Voodoo Glow Skulls
Most Missed Act: CryptoKats, Fiber, Vodka de Milo, Jereactors, Danny Thompson Deluxe
The “Hutch” Faithful Fan Award: Pauly & Pixie

Note: to be fair, people on the awards committee are not allowed to nominate their own acts (only other committee members can nominate them) or vote in categories that their act may be nominated for.

The People’s Choice Award election was at the September 12th show.

To be considered for a nomination, the act must have performed at a Punk Rock Night Indy show between Sept 20, 2014 and Sept 12, 2015

Albums considered for best release must have been released between September 2014 and September 2015 (or within a month or two of that) and the band must have performed between the dates above.

If you won, you have one year to claim your trophy – best way to get it is to attend the awards show or book another show with us and we will present it to you on stage.